Episode 10: Mixing Business and Pleasure with Erin Leydon and Mitch Syer

A couple that works together, stays together. Sounds like an oxymoron huh, so many of us would dread the idea of working with our partners. Where's the space? Wouldn't it bleed into our relationship? How will we get past taking instruction from each other? Yet the wedding photography duo Erin and Mitch make it work.

Perhaps it was the pressure free scenario in which they met, although Mitch made a conscious decision to pursue Erin it was because he took a genuine interest in her work and from there it all evolved. The initial distance between cities allowing them to be intentional with their communication and fast forward three years and now they work together! Mitch's very first wedding, like ever, was as Erin's assistant. Their romance is almost magical in an I wish it would just rub off on me kind of way and somehow it translates so well to them working as a team.

They take us through their meet cute (cliché was necessary), first I love you and eventual transition to being creatives that produce quality work together.