Episode 9: Love Often Entails Trial and Error with Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez is a Houston based, Trini born, financial advisor. How is that an artist you may ask, well it isn't in the traditional sense but we're attempting to debunk that. Creating a name for yourself out of nothing in the business world, being honest to himself and his heart. That's art.

We talk about family, how one dream can shift into a whole new career path, using our character traits to our advantage, the hardships unexpected medical issues can bring on and how even after two failed marriages he never gave up on true love. It's a love that few people experience, accidentally slipping to 'we' when referring to his own decisions and calling his wife his best friend. It's a love I think we all aspire to, the closest thing to soul mates if that one person we are destined for idea is true and a reminder that our past is just that. Our past that shouldn't taint the new, the exciting and the chance for a wild incomparable love.