Episode 28: How a Solopreneur Navigates Business and Community with Ally Asis

Allison Asis is the founder and designer of Cadette Jewelry, a small business creating handmade jewelry with meaningful design. Each piece is unique and works as a means of self expression. In this episode Ally talks about how she comes of with the ideas for each design, how she started up her business and the steps that led there, pillar relationships that allowed her to make the leap to leave her 9-5 job and how she finds community as a Solopreneur.


Episode 27: Pay Attention To The Place You're Creating From with Sophie Skinner

Sophie Skinner is a Barbados based painter, mother and wife who has recently started back her practice of painting. She shares about her journey, the impact and support of being surrounded by a creative family but how that did not mean that her path was clear cut and simple because life is confusing and we often don’t know how to express how we are feeling aptly in those tough moments. Mental health takes work and this episode touches on how we need to think about the place we are creating from and when we need to take a step back and try another approach. Ultimately that creative voice cannot be stifled, as nervous as we may be to share and fearful we aren’t good enough if you long to create that feeling can not be tamed.


Episode 26: Overcoming the Mythical Idea of The Successful Entrepreneur with Lauren Gill

Lauren Gill founded Studio Five, and advertising/marketing agency in Barbados at only 21. Freshly back from her years studying abroad and working at an established agency in London she came back for love, one that was kept alive over years of long distance and had reached the point of deciding what was next. The cogs were all moving so quickly, starting a business from scratch and finally living in the same place as her partner they navigated most of the unknown together. Lauren talks about how her partner helped her become who she is, how the relationships modelled around her impacted her and the challenges she’s faced as a young entrepreneur and the expectations she puts on herself. Despite not being someone to experience imposter syndrome she explains that certain doubts can slowly build up and that even succesful entrepreneurs sometimes ask for help.


Episode 25: Using Astrology to Gain Perspective with Tati Petkovic

Astrology means a lot of different things to many people but for those you go deep into what it all means they agree that it allows a level of introspection that many of us wouldn’t do daily in the same way. Tati Petkovic founded her astrology line Moon Sign Supplies to connect people to their signs in a way that was easy to incorporate into every day life. From totes to phone cases, there’s a playful nature that Tati explores with each design and she describes the process as revisiting play with crayons and energetic colours.

In this conversation we talk about getting to know your sign and what that means about how you perceive yourself, the people pleasing nature of certain signs such as Libra but on a more complex level something that seems to apply to most women and whether it’s really a good idea to look at sign compatibility when you’re now starting dating someone new.


Episode 24: Getting Behind Our 'Well One Day' Projects with Bruna Kowall

Wild Concrete is the brain child of Brazilian born and raised Bruna Kowall. Now settled in Toronto you can catch Bruna selling her beautiful minimalist plates, trays, coasters and pots at various beloved markets. In this episode we explore the importance of her faith in her practice, how she transferred her experience of growing up seeing her dad’s construction company back home to studying industrial design and prototyping these concrete creations that help ground her and bring her back to herself. Integral to it all are the mentors, her husband and friends that told her to just do it. We aren’t thinking about a figurative one day anymore, we’re putting whats unique to us out into the world to be appreciated.


Episode 23: Figuring Out What It Means To Be An Artist with a Capital A with Rosalie Villanueva

The journey to becoming an artist, to using your creative drive to establish oneself and make a living is no easy task and Rosalie shares her own struggles and victories finally landing into floral arrangement for intimate weddings and working with teams of women that spark joy. She explains her own feelings of shortcoming at not hitting the milestones she’d expected for herself early on but how her perseverance to find her own niche essentially paid off. The art game can be a lot os schmoozing and endlessly networking but when you find the right supportive time, it can all start to feel like it flows seamlessly and jobs fill you with a sense of excitement.

rosaliecover copy.jpg

Episode 22: Confidence in Delivering Personal Truths with Emile Sabga

Having a natural nurturing energy can manifest in many ways, for Emile is eventually was answered in pursuing naturopathy but it was a journey to realize the beautiful life he though certain careers promised him wasn’t necessarily the answer. The young naturopath/musician balances his passions with pursuing his alternative healing path by day and boy band concerts at night, and somehow he’s been a serial serious monogamous long term relationship guy with all of that going on.

We talk about what it means to easily slide into relationships and how it has affected him to experience being single. Why being present and completely honest can be a challenge when dating and how his music allows him to cope with everything.


Episode 21: Anything in Contrast to Your Desire Will Narrow It with Bianca Foti

Marketing, many brands often try and place budget cuts in this area when looking to save but your copy is everything. Bianca Foti is a copyeditor and helps business refine and elevate their content through her business Next Edition Copy. In this episode we talk about how we are all products of our environment, and through these experiences we learn our true passions. How as freelancers we must be accountable for our work, it’s not the clients fault when you fall short and this what may appear obvious point can be forgotten in the day to day minutiae.

Getting ahead in the world of freelancing is no easy task, Bianca gives tips on how to walk into your creative business on your own terms. Knowing your identity and how to use that scale up and engage.


Episode 20: How Motherhood Can Change Your Trajectory with Antonia Fifi

Antonia Fifi is a fashion blogger and designer, originally from Trinidad and Tobago she studied in Toronto for several year and has recently moved back with her family. Antonia, aka Toni, founded her retail line Maison Fifi back in 2009 and takes us through what that journey has been like and what it means now that she is a mother and recently relocated from the Caribbean.

This episode is all about navigating family and business, and sometimes how decisions we make for our family are hard on our business. Antonia get’s honest about the anxiety of starting over but that being a mother has challenged her in ways she couldn’t have predicted. Her children come first.

Happy to call Toronto home but always identifying as West Indian and acknowledging that in her style.


Episode 19: Refining The Ability to Listen to Enhance Others Beauty with Romy Zack

Romy Zack is a Toronto based make artist and hair stylist, who has been featured in several magazines and worked on many beauty shoots as well as with everyday clients. Why should any of this matter to you, well because she listens to her clients. She gives space so that she can deliver what they really need, and enhance what is already there, mastering the no make up make up look.

It’s not an easy field, and we talk about the challenge of always being on and needing to really engage with people on the daily but Romy remember what it was like watching that very first makeup artist do everyone’s make up for a wedding and how she made everyone laugh and how happy they were when they saw themselves and she knew she wanted to give that to people. It’s an interesting client relationship as she enters into spaces that traditionally only special people to them are in, touching their faces and she delves into what it’s like as a true introvert.


Episode 18: Be Tenaciously Creative with Dating and the Arts with Dennis Oba

Dennis Oba is front end web developer and graduate of OCADU Illustration programme. He explains that something that has always bothered him is the lack of options presented to people trying to figure out how to be creative, with counsellors only providing the typical answers. Yet there are so many more options, akin to dating in many ways. We compare the popular apps, and the not so well known ones and think of the anxiety as well as excitement that they bring. Then what about having a family, what does it mean to be an artist and want to cultivate a family? Today it’s all possible and it’s interesting to hear how we can start to tackle it all.


Episode 17: Art as an Outlet with Carmen Lew

From as early as Carmen can remember she processes things through art, her parents divorce and later living away from her family. Born in Vancouver she is now finding her voice an an illustrator in Toronto. Working freelance for client’s like the Grape Witches and featuring at markets including Stackt that launched just in time for the warmer weather. Carmen shares with us that there is still that sense of needing to validate herself to family and the comfort that can come from having a partner, even if he’s completely opposite to you creatively but is keen to understand. At the end of the day she works hard, and strives to make quality work that leaves client’s happy while challenging her. A goal that many creatives relate to but not all jobs meet.


Episode 16: Making An Accessible Space in the Art World with Ria Elciario

Welcome back! It’s taken a minute to get back into the swing of podcasting but I am so excited to start it back up after a year hiatus. Our first guest is Ria Elciario, founder of the online platform She’s Got Wonder where creatives have a chance to display their work in a landscape that is often hard to enter. Ria was inspired by her own experience and struggles getting her work seen, to give voice to those talented individuals that found the barriers to display their work intimidating and impossible. The name was inspired by the David Bowie song She’s Got Medals and the rest is history.

Ria dabbled in the culinary arts, had an online magazine, from early she had a love for performance and music and her story meanders in this way of using her family and friends to inspire creating and pushing past mental blocks that she gets very vulnerable about. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.


Episode 15: Let Go of Your Shame

The first solo episode of Framed with Love and season 1 finale! 

Love, shame, self-respect and vulnerability can be such heated words. They are experiences we need to sit with and reflect on to truly see how they are impacting us in everyday life. There is beauty in not knowing how things will go and making mistakes along the way, but learn from it all and allow yourself to use this as fuel to create.

Photo by Justin Robinson


Episode 14: Giving Back Changes the World with Felicia Baird

Career changes to changing alongside one's partner and working with entrepreneurs who give back to their community our guest this week is Felicia Baird. She host the podcast It's Not About You while working as a producer in Toronto.

Hearing about her relationships being at a slightly different tempo than many around her, how she deals with feedback that is tough to swallow but perseveres and also the value in having the courage to know when to leave something.


Episode 13: Realizing Self Love is Crucial for Success with Zoe Osborne

Let's talk anxiety, self love and maintaining integrity in a the rough patch of early adulthood when the ticker on our goals feels like it's constantly ringing in our ears. Interior designer Zoe Osborne get's real about coping with anxiety and self love trick and staying connected with family.

We touch on city design and island design and the importance of creating an environment that feels like home. This episode artfully shows how design, life and love all intersect.



Episode 12: Capturing Life As It Unfolds with Teyama Alkamli and Andrew Moir

Teyama and Andrew are a working team, it's strictly professional yet you can feel how their energy feeds off each other. They are currently working on a documentary film and they tell us a bit about how they get the people the film is focused on to feel comfortable and allow for an organic representation of life. At the end of the day they want to tell stories that relay universal experiences, this includes the struggle as well as the high points and they're honest about having an agenda.

With such passion for their careers it can be hard to make time for relationships and this is where prioritizing time is important. This episode shows that it isn't all rainbows and roses but that doesn't mean it won't be worth it.


Episode 11: Slowing Down Our Lived Temporal Space with Kotama Bouabane

Kotama Bouabane is a photographer who looks at photography with a critical eye questioning it's purpose. He's interested in the dialogue between the way we think about visual culture and what is that flat out goal we are trying to achieve with what we are doing. Ideas of place, representation and identity form the basis of many of his pieces where he disrupts traditional views and calls attention to the constant changing nature of identity.

He also presents an interesting view on wedding photography, including one crazy third date at a wedding exposition and gets vulnerable with us about the challenges of not always being understood by his family. All this life, all this experience and grappling with what triggers his own breakdowns has resulted in art that resonates.


Episode 10: Mixing Business and Pleasure with Erin Leydon and Mitch Syer

A couple that works together, stays together. Sounds like an oxymoron huh, so many of us would dread the idea of working with our partners. Where's the space? Wouldn't it bleed into our relationship? How will we get past taking instruction from each other? Yet the wedding photography duo Erin and Mitch make it work.

Perhaps it was the pressure free scenario in which they met, although Mitch made a conscious decision to pursue Erin it was because he took a genuine interest in her work and from there it all evolved. The initial distance between cities allowing them to be intentional with their communication and fast forward three years and now they work together! Mitch's very first wedding, like ever, was as Erin's assistant. Their romance is almost magical in an I wish it would just rub off on me kind of way and somehow it translates so well to them working as a team.

They take us through their meet cute (cliché was necessary), first I love you and eventual transition to being creatives that produce quality work together. 


Episode 9: Love Often Entails Trial and Error with Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez is a Houston based, Trini born, financial advisor. How is that an artist you may ask, well it isn't in the traditional sense but we're attempting to debunk that. Creating a name for yourself out of nothing in the business world, being honest to himself and his heart. That's art.

We talk about family, how one dream can shift into a whole new career path, using our character traits to our advantage, the hardships unexpected medical issues can bring on and how even after two failed marriages he never gave up on true love. It's a love that few people experience, accidentally slipping to 'we' when referring to his own decisions and calling his wife his best friend. It's a love I think we all aspire to, the closest thing to soul mates if that one person we are destined for idea is true and a reminder that our past is just that. Our past that shouldn't taint the new, the exciting and the chance for a wild incomparable love.