Good Hair

This summer has been full of hustling and keeping my blog up to date hasn’t been easy. I never want to compromise the quality of my work and for that reason some things have taken a back seat as I pour my blood, sweat and tears into exciting projects and work that my clients love.


Working with my friend Sandi, who no longer looks like this (hint it has to do with a crazy hair transformation and resulted in her looking like a blonde bombshell), I captured what the experience is like in her studio and how talented she is at transforming your locks. When you step into her space you notice how thought out every little detail is and when you sit in her chair you can’t help but smile and relax. Sandi uses R+Co with Anubhu to create shiny healthy locks.


It’s easy to forget you’re actually there to get your hair done and not just hanging out with a girlfriend who happens to be really good at massaging your head but here’s look number one.


Miraculously Sandi managed to take the wow factor up even more for look number 2.


The final look, because it wouldn’t be complete without an updo option.


Sandi will be having an opening party this Saturday, Sept 15 at her salon Sandi White Studio, stop by for the chance to meet the delightful and dedicated stylist and get a glimpse of her beautiful space.