Humans are confusing, they speak loudly with actions and say otherwise with their words. They speak in metaphors to make crappy days sound better. They hide their feelings to avoid disappointment. And they love in the most messily satisfying ways.

Don't be scared of the connections you can make. There is so much beauty in love and rejection. At the end of the day you will always come back to yourself but better than before. 


Savour those early moments, those first. Then pay attention to the details, the little things and if it fades. If timing isn't right or feelings disappear or sometimes its just an inexplicable sudden halt. Allow yourself to appreciate what you had, what is was. Endings have their own type of beauty. Endings are new beginnings.


I was enamoured with this inspiring ladies resilience to the testing nature of love. Sometimes you aren't in love, but you love who that person is. Sometimes a relationship doesn't consume you but fuels you and that doesn't make it any less. In fact that means it wasn't lust but something strong and important to build character. Every relationship serves a purpose and that isn't defined by it's length or even the milestones hit. The briefest of encounters have an impact.

The ability to see the silver lining in each experience is one of the finest traits in people, and it's people like Gloria that I will happily surround myself with. People who trust despite all the trials and tribulations that our encounters serve a purpose and lead to better things. People who rather than get disheartened and doubting of human nature believe it makes a beautiful story that should be woven into their exquisite life.