I recently watched the 1995 film Kicking and Screaming. I am often one to relate to films that question purpose and what it means to be successful while each character remains delightfully quirky.

The quote "if you want to know how to make God laugh, make a plan" hit me hard. 

Five years ago I nannied in Paris, following that I studied media at UofT sure that I would be able to get a secure steady job on the completion of the degree but then it all went haywire. If all you do is plan there's little room for enjoyment and failure is a means to push you in the right direction.

I hit rock bottom and now I'm creating the life that I always wanted but was afraid to pursue. I'm happy now, there are still many days I don't have it all together but another thing I've learnt is that growth isn't getting rid of all your problems but replacing them with better ones.


These shots were taken from what seemed to be a loss of a day as I planned to shoot with a friend and on the train she cancelled. Her reasons were more than valid, however I was extremely annoyed at the whole situation as I headed west with plans fallen through. I have an amazing set of friends and luckily one of my longest and closest friends was able to salvage my day, as I turned around and headed right back home to then hike in trees and capture some beautiful shots.

We were lucky with warm weather, stunning lighting and an environment that makes you know it's no cliché that everything happens for a reason.

I've always been the more spontaneous type anyway.